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The ERHP-HT series of the Enerflow residential heat pumps was developed specifically for the South African climate.  This range is capable of generating hot water at to 65°C without the use of auxiliary heating from electrical elements.

Direct Heating Pumps

This series of heat pumps employs state of the art technology which includes highly efficient, convoluted tube pipe-in-pipe heat exchangers.  The latter is used in conjunction with an integral water regulating valve that ensures an ultra-efficient environmentally friendly hot water solution.  State of the art technology includes an electronically controlled expansion valve (EEV).  The intelligent control algorithms ensure that the internal flow rate of the refrigerant is optimised via the EEV to deliver unmatched efficiency and reliability even in low winter ambient temperatures.

All these features ensure optimal efficiency in the diverse temperature ranges found in Southern Africa.  Currently, these units are only available with a powder-coated finish and therefore it is recommended that the unit is treated with approved corrosion protective coatings when used in coastal areas. 

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