About Enerflow & M-Tech Industrial

The Enerflow range of heat pumps is proudly manufactured by M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd.

Engineer designed for South African conditions

The design and manufacturing facilities of our Enerflow Heat Pumps are strategically based in Potchefstroom, South Africa. The design team combines years of infield experience with the fundamental theoretical knowledge to develop heat pumps specifically for South Africa. This ensures optimal energy savings, with excellent durability within all South African conditions.



Continuous research, development & testing of new technologies

M-Tech Industrial is involved in the continuous research, development, and testing of new technologies at various academic institutions through the sponsorship of bursaries and leadership programs. This helps the design team to not only stay up to date with the latest technologies and their applications but also invest back into the lives of young upcoming engineers and technicians at academic institutions.


Specialist engineering design team

Our specialist engineering design team is headed by Dr. Martin van Eldik (Pr. Eng.), a leader in the field of thermal fluid systems and an associate professor in the School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at the North-West University, Potchefstroom. M-tech Industrial is an ISO9001:2008 accredited multi-disciplinary engineering company, owned by Royal Bafokeng Holdings.


Benefits of working with M-Tech Industrial


Turnkey, costumised solutions

M-Tech industrial has the ability to design, manufacture, install and commission standard and first-of-a-kind turnkey water heating solutions.

Project management

M-Tech industrial has experienced project managers that will assist in completing the project within time and within budget from start to finish.

Legal and technical compliance

M-Tech industrial has the ability to design, manufacture, install and commission standard and first-of-a-kind turnkey water heating solutions.


M-Tech industrial is a well-established industrial engineering company that has been manufacturing heat pumps since 1989.  We have industry leading warranties on our heat pumps to provide customers with the required peace of mind necessary in challenging economic environments the world operates in.

History and track record

M-Tech Industrial has a long history of market leading heat pump design and turnkey hot water system projects. Some of these projects have even been awarded the coveted Eskom (Eta) award for best energy efficient design.  Our track record is proof of our success as a market leading equipment and solutions provider.

Our Heat Pump Range

enerflow heat pump range

M-Tech Industrial is continuously developing their Enerflow heat pumps by incorporating and combining with the latest state of the art technologies. The development also resulted in several publications in international journals due to the internationally recognised advances in heat pump technology.

The latest academic research was completed in 2016 and we will continue to enhance our designs thereby increasing their efficiency, serviceability, and reliability.

Part of the newly completed development at M-Tech Industrial is the addition of high-temperature heat pumps that can heat water to 75°C. These heat pumps are now included in our residential-, commercial- and industrial ranges.

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About Enerflow

The Enerflow range is a proud brand of M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd. We specialise in residential, industrial, commercial, as well as, swimming pool heat pumps.

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